Event Booking

  Catherine Creek Community Center

Fee Schedule


$50 per hour, $250 per day 

Community Hall (includes kitchen)

$25.00 per hour, $100 per day 

Kitchen (only)

$18.00 per hour 

Conference Rooms

$10.00 per hour per room


$25.00/ hour

Semi Private Office Desk

Monthly Rental Packages Available

Weekend Package


Friday 4:00 p.m. to Sunday 1:00 pm.

Includes: Chapel, Community Hall, Kitchen, Conference Rooms and Tables & Chairs 

  • All packages include a refundable $50.00 cleaning fee

  • The Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall Board of Directors supports nonprofits, community organizations and small businesses with negotiable pricing. 

For more information email: HistoricUnionCommunityHall@gmail.com or call

Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall, Inc. shall be to: Foster community relationships, Provide and encourage par...