Monday, December 14, 2020

Strengthening our Community by Preserving our History

Strengthening out Community by Preserving our History

Due to the efforts of Union's citzien to-date, the 501(c)(3) public charity, The Historic Union Community Hall, are now one step closer to the goal of purchasing the former Union United Methodist Church located at 667 N Main Street. Together with your support, we can preserve this beautiful century old brick building with breathtaking stained glass windows, and continue to strenthen our community.

We request your support as we mover closer to preserving Union's Hsitoric landmark. You can paritipcate in our missins by purchasinf our colorful Union Cookbook, enggaging on our upcoming events, volunteering or provide a donation to The Freinds of Teh Hsitoric Union Commnuity Hall.

Your donation can be clasimed on your taxes. Additoinally, THE CARES ACT passed in late march instituted a provision allowing people to dedcut $300.00 for charitable contributions. Deductions under THE CARES ACT must be in cash ( including checks and credit card paymenrs) and given to a 501 (c)(3) publich charity such as The Freinds of The Historuc Union Community Hall.

You can also double your impance by gogin to the Hsitoric Union Community Hall page on

the Oregon Culture Trust website at:

Thank you for your efforst!

for more information


or call 541-905-0102


Union Community Cookbook!

The Union Community Cookbook are Ready to Order
$25 per book, with blank recipe pages to add your own recipes.

Email: or call 541-905-0102 to place your order!


Note Cards are Now Available!


Blank note card sets with envelopes included.

$10 per set

Fundraiser for The Hsitoric Union Community Hall

Charitable Donations and The Cares Act


There have been several questions realted to The Federal CARES ACT. Mrs Hall, HUCH Board member, did some research and found that The Federal CARES ACT will allow contributions to any Non-Profit 501 such as Friends of the Historic Union Community Hall even if you are not itemizing deductions.

Therefore, with a receipt from the organization, up to $300 can be used as a deduction on your taxable income.
If you would like to contribute to The Freinds of The Hsitoric Union Community Hall or if you did not recieve a receipt from a previous donation, please contact us at HistoricUnionCommnutyHall@ This must be completed by 12/31/2020.

For a bit more information see:,when%20you%E2%80%99re%20married%20filing%20jointly%3F%20%24300%20or%20%24600%3F

Sunday, December 13, 2020

Addtional Cookbook Recipies

 The Cookbook sales are going weel and we are excite to have published to ate 48 cookbooks.  But we have an extra special treeat.  A few yummy recipies did not make it into the 2020 Cookbook edition.  Look for these recipies to be added in upcomig editions!!


From the recipies of Ruth Mitchell

Combine 2 and 1/2 cups drained sour cherries, 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup cherry juice and 1 Tablespoon butter. 

Bring to a boil; remove from heat. 

Sift one cup flour, one teaspoon baking powder, 1/4 teaspoon salt, 1/2 cup sugar and 1/2 cup water. 

Poor batter into a greased pan; top with hot fruit. 

Bake at 400 degrees about 40 minutes

This is a good recipie for any fruit that isn't pre-sweetened


From the recipe of Ruth Mitchell (in her own words) 

Put 2/3 cup sugar in a pan and heat to liquid.  Add 1/2 cup boiling water and bring back to a boil, stirring  (be careful that stuff sure splatters and am mighty hot).

Cream 1/1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup shortening, 3 Tsp. burnt sugar, 1 teaspoon vanilla.
Add 2 cups flour, 1 teaspoon soda, sifted well

Beat 3 egg whites and fold in. 

Bake in layers or loaf at 350 degrees. 

Lots of peoepl have tried to duplicate this cake, and very few of them succeeded.  Mom said usin an iron skillet for the burnt suger made all the difference.... Lenora Clark

NOTE TO EDITOR:  I copies this from her hand writing.  I think the captial T on the burnt sugar quantity means Tablespoon, but Im' not positive.  LC


Submitted by Lenora Mitchell Clark

Preheat oven to BROIL. Place chicken parts in baking pan. 

Sprinkle with 1 envelop Lipton Onion soup Mix ( or substitue beef bouliion, poultry seasoning & minced onions).

Place under broiler just until soup mix blackens.

Remove, turn oven to BAKE 350 degrees. 

Drizzle chicken with one-half to two-thirds cup sherry ( the alcohol will cook off). 

Cover pan with foil.  Put in oven for about 55 minutes.

Save the makes wonderful gravey; just trim the fat before reiferating. 
NOTE: The Chicken will be very light near the bone, but it IS done.  I prefer serving it with noodles or fried rice. 


Ruth Mitchell

Blend one-fourth cup butter, one- half cup sugar, and one egg till light and fluffy. 

Stir in 1 cup Carnation instant wheat, one and one-half cup mashed ripe banana and one teaspoon vanilla.  Mix well. 

Add one and one-half cup sifted flour, 2 teaspoons baking powder, Stir. 

Add one-half cup chopped nuts.

Bake in greased pan for 350 degrees for one hour.  

Makes one loaf.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall, Inc. shall be to: Foster community relationships, Provide and encourage par...