Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Cleaning Checklist

 Cleaning Checklist 

Catherine Creek Community Center

Operated by the Friends of The Historic Union Community Hall 

  • Sweep and Mop Floors

Broom and Mop located in the hall closet

  • Empty Garbage

Garbage Can is located outside the back entrance near the kitchen

Garbage Can liners are located above the hall closet

  • Wash Tables & Chairs 

Please use a bleach water mix to sanitize tables- 2 tablespoons per gallon of water 

  • Vacuum

  • Wash Kitchen Surfaces

  • Wash Dishes- three sink method

Please use the three sink method.  Soapy water, rinse water and sanitize with bleach.  Finally allow dishes to air dry 

  • Dirty Linens are placed in a laundry bag

  • Clean Bathroom

The toilet brush is located near the toilets 

Cleaning supplies are located under the kitchen sink

  • Turn down the thermostat

  • Secure the building 

Lock Doors

Turn off lights

Please return keys to

Clean washing linen is located in the kitchen .Cleaning products are located in the hall closet and under the kitchen sink.             .

First Aid Kit is located in the kitchen 

You are welcome to arrange to have Catherine Creek Community Center hire staff at $25.00 per hour to clean after your event.  It is estimated to take 2 hours for staff cleaning.  To assure that the building is ready for the next occupant, please make cleaning arrangements in advance. 

Have a pleasant event

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